St Baldricks Event

If you haven’t heard about the St Baldricks event that happened on campus by now then perhaps you’re still wondering why there are a whole bunch of bald seminarians wondering around campus complaining about how every day feels a little cooler than usual.  Well for your information we had our first ever St. Baldricks event.  Our thanks to Shannon and Katie from Great Clips for volunteering to shave all 20 participants!  We have surpassed our $5,000 and are closing in on $6,000!  If you click here you can have a look at all the before and after shots of our participants.  There is still time to donate towards the cause.  Just go here to get involved!

The Admissions Process

Hey all you potential pastors, deaconesses, and specific ministry pastors!

Here in the office of admissions we often get the question, “How do you get the application process started and what do I need to send you?”  We know that for many of you the application process seems to be a bit of a mystery.   We hope that we have now alleviated some of your nagging questions and precarious concerns with our latest video.  Check it out here!

We Got Snow

Some people love it, some people hate it.  None the less it is that time of the year when a random snowstorm will hit Seminary transforming it into a winter wonder land.  Have a look!

Isaiah 1:18 “Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow!

We also have a video, click here!


Do you Contemplate?

Do you ever….

Wonder about the pastoral ministry and if God might be calling you into it?  Have a nagging voice deep down saying you should check out the ministry of being a deaconess?  Feel like your current job is not what God has made you to be? 






Perhaps the time has come for you to make a visit to Concordia Seminary St. Louis.  Click the picture to check out a video about our Contemplate event coming up in March 2012.

Concordia’s Bell Choir

Did you know that the seminary has a bell choir?


Thats right we have bells and we play them.  The group was restarted up about 3 years ago by Nate Wollenburg.  He decided to get some guys together, pull out those beautiful bells and play not only some classic bells arrangements but also so timeless classics like “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN”  This year bells is back at it again.  We have an experienced group and so far we have been able to play in chapel twice.  We are already gearing up for more opportunities to play and planning out next rocking piece for the Green and Gold Follies here in February.  Check out this video that explains more about the bell choir at Concordia Seminary.

What does the first day of class at seminary feel like?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “hmm self I wonder what the first day of classes would feel like at Concordia Seminary?”  Well there here is your chance to find out.  We took some time during the first day of this new academic year and interview some of the first year deaconess and MDiv students.  There was a mix of emotions but all in all a positive first day.  I remember feeling a bit nervous about getting grilled in Greek class my first day.  The profs here can be intense, but trust me they prepare you to handle the big questions that will come your way in ministry.  We’ll that is enough talk from me, have a look at this video to here it straight from some first year’s mouths!

Cleaning the Back Room

If you didn’t know, the admissions office will be moving to a new part of campus.  Though it is sad to have to pick up everything and move, we have had a little fun along the way.  During the past two weeks we have been sorting through 16 drawers worth of file folders.  Many of which contained names and information on prospectives we had back in 1996.  Needless to say a little house keeping was in order.  So we have shredded the information contained in the folders to protect the innocent and had a little bit of fun with all the folders.  Cleaning out the Back Room