New Events! New Staff!

Our visitation events for 2014-2015 are scheduled and PDF brochures are available at

We welcome to our staff the Rev. Daniel Eggold. Rev. Eggold will be serving Concordia Saint Paul, Concordia Portland, and Concordia Irvine.  To see his territory on a map and to read more about him (picture to come soon), go to

Meditation for Today

For I Timothy 3:2-7

My God, what qualifications are these! and how rash was I to undertake such a work, without sitting down and counting the cost, whether I was able to finish it!  Thou only canst supply all my defeats, which I beseech thee to do.

Enable me, I beseech thee, to come as near as possible to this character; that I may teach the mysteries, defend the faith, maintain the truths of the gospel; that I may be a pattern to my flock, edify the church, both by my discourses and example, and hearty zeal for the salvation of souls; and a care to secure my flock from the corruptions of the age.  Amen – Thomas Wilson


Pennsylvania and New York Recruitment Travel

Pastor Bill Wrede will be recruiting for Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis in the following cities in Pennsylvania and New York from Friday, April 26-Tuesday, April 30.  Please contact Pastor Wrede at or 314.505.7221 to make an appointment and for specifics about where to meet him.  On the day of each city visit, he can be reached at 314.750.5151.

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