Admissions Deadlines

Please remember the upcoming due dates for Applicant materials:

Your entire Application Package must be fully submitted by March 31st of the year you intend to enroll in order to be considered for admission. This includes:

• Complete Application
• $50.00 application fee
• Background check
• Official Transcripts (“partial” if you are currently completing your bachelor’s degree or “final” if you have received your degree)
• Pastor’s letter of recommendation
• District interview committee report
• Residential Field Education Application

Your GRE exam scores are due by March 31st in order to be eligible for the $1000 scholarship. The scholarship is contingent upon your scoring in the top 10% of all Verbal scores for the incoming class.

In order to receive financial aid, you must submit by March 31st:

• Seminary financial aid application
• FAFSA application
• District financial aid application
• Adopt-A-Student form

If you intend to live on-campus, the Housing Application, with $25 fee, is also due March 31st.

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