Am I Crazy to Even Think About Going to Sem?

I have to say that I commend anyone who is considering coming to the Seminary. I say that not just because they are preparing for a noble task, but because the sacrifice is great. It seems like an even more frightening venture as the economy continues to destabilize. In a world in which uncertainties seem to be escalating, one must seriously ask himself the question, “Is seminary just one more uncertainty?”
In many ways it is an uncertainty. “What will it be like to live in St. Louis? What will the schools be like for my children? Will they like their new school? Will we adjust, or will it be just too overwhelming? What if I am not called anyway?”
It is these questions, and their kind, that can keep one awake at night. So what is the solution? It is here that I like to quote one of our former professors, Norman Nagel. “Take it lots of His words and pray as they prompt you.” It is here in God’s Word that you will find what this noble task is all about and it is here where you will understand what it means to have an earnest desire for ministry.
I also want to encourage you to remember that the Lord works through His servants (vocation). Those servants who I think are extremely instrumental in one’s decision to come to seminary are, of course, one’s pastor, but also current students at the Seminary. These men and women of the seminary community have had to wrestle with many of the same concerns and challenges facing those now just considering seminary. It is for this reason I always encourage someone who is contemplating seminary to connect with current students and their families. This contact can be achieved by coming to a campus event like Contemplate or by communicating through Facebook groups such as “CSL Mancave” or “The Women of Concordia Seminary.” Please consider this counsel as you continue to consider coming to the Seminary. Do I think you will get all of your questions answered? No, but I hope we come pretty close.

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