>The Heat Is On!

>Saint Louis, Missouri is experiencing a heat wave. The last several days have been the warmest (no hottest) of the year! Saturday is supposed to be 98 degrees! The meteorologists are promising a cool down on Sunday. A cool down of just a few degrees. This is summer in St. Louis, after all. Many people, myself included, wish that cooler weather would come. However, the heat of a St. Louis summer is not in fact a bad thing. This heat has a way of reminding of the blessings our gracious God bestows upon us.

God’s blessings come to us in many forms. In the midst of a heat wave God’s blessings may come to us in the form of Air Conditioning, a pool to refresh ourselves in, perhaps even a sprinkler to run through. One of God’s greatest blessings is the gift of our Baptism. God has washed us in the cleansing flood of Holy Baptism and placed His Name upon us. By doing so, He has spared us from the unbearable heat of eternal death! The heat of these days reminds us of God’s great blessing in sparing us from heat which would truly be unbearable and offering to us rather His grace and the hope of eternal life in the New Creation – where the weather will always be wonderful!