Do You Want to Become a Deaconess? Consider Concordia Seminary.

Now is a good time to begin the admissions process for Concordia Seminary in Saint Louis. The most obvious, and most significant, thing you can do at this point is to complete the application- – for other routes of deaconess studies, please check out: and

Once this application is filled out, you will be given information so that you can begin taking the entrance exams. These exams cover the subjects of Old Testament, New Testament, and Christian Doctrine. You will find classes and review information on but it is essential that you study the “Called By the Gospel” series for the OT, NT, and CD exams, The other test that you will need to take, before or after you apply, is the GRE. The admission standard is that you must have at least a 146 on the verbal section. However, if you score in the top 10% of seminary applicants, you will receive $1000.

For the rest of your application file, please see: This link will provide you with the details necessary to successfully complete the application process, including what components are required for a complete applicant file.

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