Fitting into Our New Space

Most of the boxes have now been unpacked and stored away to be used most likely for another move by someone, sometime in the future. As far as the Admissions staff, we are “growing into” our new space. The one thing we loved about the old office was the “fish bowl effect.” Having one wall full of windows definitely led to much interaction with the Seminary community. Now, on the second floor, we will need to be more creative in finding ways to carry on those conversations with students and prospective students, faculty and staff, and anyone who comes within earshot. So if you are walking on the east side of Concordia Seminary, please stop by Stoeckhardt Hall and come up to the second floor. If you happen just to pass by, you might hear the whistle of a Nerf dart as it zips toward you. If you are coming from off campus, just park in the lot marked with Martin Luther and follow the signs westward to our office.

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