A new year. I pray God blesses your new year in general and specifically blesses you with vocational direction.

There are several times a year I would like to climb Luther Tower and play the carillon in the middle of the night. Along with early Easter morning, I’ve always wanted to go up and play something at the stroke of midnight to usher in a new year. Our neighbors generally like hearing the carillon played so I won’t push it and play except at more agreeable hours.


I hope you are enjoying a wonderful start to the New Year, even if bells were not part of your celebration. A new year also means this could very well be THE year you enroll here at Concordia Seminary. Thoughts of applying may make you a bit anxious but, believe me, you are in our prayers.

Some reminders . . .

The deadline for applying for Fall 2012 is March 31. Please make sure your application packet is postmarked no later than that date.

The deadline for taking Old Testament, New Testament, and Christian Doctrine exams is April 30. As one who both procrastinates and hates having to knuckle down close to a deadline, please know I’m encouraging you to get these exams knocked out so there is no additional pressure. Also remember that there is a $1,000 tuition grant waiting for you if you pass all three exams by April 30.

Hebrew and Greek exams are due July 31. Again, if you pass both of those, there is an additional tuition grant of $1,000 for you if you accomplish this by the deadline.

Enough talk about recruitment and enrollment issues. God bless your celebrations and your new year! If you are in the area, come here the carillon sometime!

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