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The Entry-Level Competency Exams have received a lot of attention in the past 12 months.  The new version of the exams, in place since earlier this year, is administered through Questionmark.  There are two things I wanted to draw your attention to as you take exams.

First of all, we have a Word document we would like to send you if you are finding the technical side of things to be unreliable.  Contact your admissions counselor and ask for the “Computer Optimization” document.  The information available there will walk you through some simple steps and recommendations to make things go more smoothly.

The other feature of Questionmark is that your admissions counselor can give you feedback on any exam you have taken.  This feedback comes in the form of a Coaching Report.  Even if you pass an exam but would like to know what areas were strongest or weakest, your counselor can give this information to you.  While we do not have access to individual questions, we can give you general feedback on all portions of an exam.  This feedback helps you to prepare for any extra work you may need to do or assist you with knowing specific areas you should study before you take the exam again.

 Please call our office if you have any questions or difficulties.

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