I am Ashamed

Shh, I’m on vacation.  Writing that on this site is sort of like telling someone on a fast that I’m sitting down to a beautifully prepared meal with all the trimmings.  Students preparing to arrive on campus, wrapping up entrance exams, taking New Testament on campus, or pounding away the last weeks of Greek, you are all very busy.

I offer you this consolation; I am spending this week with three other pastors and their wives and we are praying for you.  Each day, as we begin with a devotion, we commit you to the care of our loving and gracious heavenly Father.  As we reminisce, often about our time learning Greek and other moments of our life together on campus, we pray, dear brothers, that God continues to bless you, gives you strength in knowing that you are surrounded by a multitude of brothers.  Considering coming to the Seminary?  We pray for you as well as God directs you, too.  Deaconesses?  Dear sisters, God bless you, too.

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