Let All Mortal Flesh Get Sustenance!

Have you ever wondered about the food & dining on Concordia’s campus? Joel Newton, an Admissions Office student worker, gives his thoughts in an original poem “Let All Mortal Flesh Get Sustenance!” (01222tune: “McNamara’s Band”).

The building surnamed “Wartburg” is the place we go to eat.
Each day at noon and sunset we head in and grab a seat.*
It’s respite, needed from a day of homework and of class,
With food and conversation, though, the time doth quickly pass!

Though there are times when open seats are nary to be seen,
There’s always room for one more, and two friends you’ll sit between.
Perhaps a friend since time forgot will be there at your side,
But if he’s not, a new acquaintance will prove true and tried.

In winters, frosty winds and ice can bite you to the bone,
But in Wartburg all is cheery and you’ll never be alone.
The smiles of young and old alike shall heat your very heart,
That inner warmth, gemutlichkeit, shall not from you depart.

The springtime brings the beauty of renewed life on the earth
And you’ll find that life reflected in the joy of Wartburg’s mirth.
In summer, while the sun dictates a hot and humid realm,
You’ll seek a rest in Wartburg when the dog days overwhelm.

Each fall you’ll see the beauty of the trees in reddish hues
As you look through Wartburg windows at the best of campus views.
The Luther statue’s just outside, a little to the north,
Reminding us of men who helped the Gospel sally forth.

“It’s all about the food,” as David Johnson likes to say,
But before you take a maw-full, don’t forget to thank and pray.
Then hunker down to chow from cooks of notoriety
On finger-lickin’ fodder of a wide variety.

Not only for the students is the Fresh Ideas ™ fare,
Professors too, as you will see, enjoy their lunches there.
In friendly conversation they engage their pupils’ minds
And in mutual consolation, we encouragement shall find.

So come on down, thou wayfarer, and eat the vittles fine,
Or stop by on a Friday for the much-loved Prof n Stein.
Meet Kevin at the register, your ticket he will take.
Then just enjoy the atmosphere and eat, for goodness’ sake!

*Please note: this is a bit of a misnomer on a couple of accounts: first, we don’t eat every day in the cafeteria for lunch and supper (it’s open for lunch on Monday through Saturday, then supper on Monday through Thursday), and when we do, it’s not necessarily right at noon or sunset, as the time of sunset changes over the course of the year. Lunch is served from 11:30-1pm, supper from 5-6:30pm.

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