Next Steps and First Steps

A Great Weekend and a New Beginning

This past weekend, the Seminary Community had the privilege of welcoming 7 men and their families (26 people total) to campus for Next Steps.  Some of the men are still considering where and how they will serve God.  Others are looking to enroll for the 2013-2014 academic year.  One will begin classes in September!  It was a joy meeting new faces and becoming reacquainted with others who have visited our campus before.  Our plans were modified a bit given the 100+ degree weather.  Only the penguins, puffins, and a few others are truly enjoying the zoo right now!  Next Steps included a tour of campus, panel discussions with married students, a tour of on-campus housing, and an overview of the admissions process.  Next Steps 2013 will be held July 12 and 13.

This week we also welcome students taking the pre-seminary course in New Testament.  This is the first class for those taking one or more of the content areas on-campus.  We pray God’s blessings as they begin on Monday.

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