Pastor Redeker Recruiting in New Mexico, Texas

Pastor Michael Redeker will be recruiting for Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis in the following cities in New Mexico and Texas from February 15-21. Please contact Pastor Redeker at or 314.505.7225 to make an appointment and for specifics about where to meet with him. During the dates below, he can be reached at 314.873.4988.

Saturday, February 15

Albuquerque, NM

Sunday, February 16

Albuquerque, NM
Rio Rancho, NM

Monday, February 17

Las Cruces, NM

Tuesday, February 18

El Paso, TX

Wednesday, February 19

Midland, TX
San Angelo, TX

Thursday, February 20

Lubbock, TX

Friday, February 21

Amarillo, TX

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