The other evening, Tuesday to be exact, I was driving from Norman, Oklahoma to Fort Smith, Arkansas. It had been a good day visiting with prospective students. As I drove along I was thankful for God’s work in the hearts of men and women considering ministry. I was thankful for GPS and the fact that I wouldn’t have to worry about finding the hotel where I had a room reserved. I was thankful for people who take the time to decorate their yards.

The three-hour drive was punctuated with lights cutting through the thick darkness. There were stars on grain elevators, lone trees in front yards bursting with white light, and a billboard proclaiming in simple block letters, “Jesus . . . the Prince of Peace.” Then it dawned on me, Tuesday was also the night when the Seminary Community would gather to light the trees on campus. I would imagine many of you will be lighting your trees and celebrating Christmas as well.

My prayer tonight is that the Light of Christ, the Prince of Peace, will burst through the competing sounds of December and fill your Advent and Christmas with every good gift that comes from His hand. God bless you.

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