Preparing to Move

Well, we have come down to the last week for the Admissions Office in Loeber Hall. By the end of next week we will have moved into our new location in Stoeckhardt Hall. Although this move is not a bad one, and it will be nice to have a new space, it does present some challenges. First, will anyone be able to find us? Well, I want to give some directions. If you come onto campus and are searching for Admissions, park in the small parking lot by the statue of Martin Luther. Then, our office building will be just across the street. Come up the steps, walk through Walther Arch, turn to your left, and come in the door. We are on the second floor.
Our second concern is that up to this point in time our office has been a fishbowl for the world. We have had a great opportunity to visit with the campus community as it passed through our office or stopped by our window. Being on the second floor will present an issue. I have suggested a rope ladder to be dropped out our window so we could retain the “burger window.” Others have voted for an inflatable slide much like the kind one would find at the Seminary’s Oktoberfest (I like the way people think around here).
One way or another, we will make sure that the new Admission Office is as active with life as it always has been. Please make sure to stop by and check our new digs. We will be there officially on Monday, September 19.
By the way, the University of Illinois banner will continue to fly.

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