Showered with Blessings

Time in Michigan went very well. I could have done with a little less rain but, given the lack of rain here, there’s no need to wish away that which others may enjoy or need. The rain even made it possible for one prospective student to stop by because he wasn’t able to work in the fields. Highlights of the week include:
• Stops where I expected to see one person and seven stopped by.
• Visiting Hillsdale College and not only being warmly welcomed by their staff but having great visits with several students.
• Meeting Mike the custodian at Immanuel-Grand Rapids where he prayed with and for me, kept the coffee coming, and was a true blessing to meet.
• A great visit with Pastor David Dressel at Martin Luther Chapel-East Lansing and attending a worship service led by students.
• Being back at my alma mater (Concordia University-Ann Arbor) and having 26 people at dinner, preaching in chapel, and having incredible conversations with students about ministry
• Wrapping things up Friday night in Flushing with four excellent men and sharing laughs to the point of tears about dairy farming moments.
Thanks to all for their hospitality. I look forward to keeping the conversations going.

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