>The Christian Community: A Gift

>This morning the Concordia Seminary Community began its conversations revolving around the book “Life Together” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I have to say I took more away from this morning’s conversation than I thought I would.
I left Werner Auditorium realizing that I understand much less of what community means than I thought I did.
Community is defined as God’s gift for the present time; a gift enjoyed for the here and now. This good definition helps us better understand our time here at Seminary. I have often cautioned people to not see the Seminary as a hoop one must just jump through to get into the parish. However, with all good intentions I also have described the Seminary as a means to an end. It is true that this place is a place one comes to be equipped for something that lies beyond it. However, we must never neglect what goes on here, and that is community now. Wow!
I want to thank the Lord working through Professors Herrmann and Schmitt, and of course Bonhoeffer, for this proper view and definition of community.

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