>The Time for Applications

>It seems as though the application process for the 2010-2011 academic year just began yesterday ( was actually May 1st). Now we have come to the time where we can see the application deadline, March 31st, in sight.
However, you may be wondering what this application deadline really means. Well, I would like to take a moment to explain how we are currently interpreting it.
In order to receive the greatest amount for financial aid and the greatest chance for on-campus housing, all application materials must be received by March 31st. This deadline also insures that the applicant will be completing the entrance exams on time (April 30th).
However, this deadline does not mean we will no longer accept an application after this date. In actuality the opportunity to submit an application will exist up to June 3oth.
As always, if you are now considering the Seminary for next year I urge you to complete the process by March 31st. For those of you, though, who may be making this decision a little later, please give me a call because your window of opportunity is not closed.
My number is 314-505-7224.

Kyle Castens

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