Today at Concordia Seminary

You do know people pray for you, correct? You pray for other people, too. Every person expressing an interest in attending Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis is prayed for as your Admissions Officer works with you to answer questions and as you work through the admissions process together. What happens, though, once you are on campus and what would this week be like for you? Final exams.

Please …

keep everyone on campus in your prayers. Probably the most watched group and the ones receiving the most prayers are those finishing Greek or Hebrew.

Greek is the first step, the first foray into Seminary education. Today, they take their qualifying exam. They will find out in the next 24-hours the grade they’ve achieved. We pray that each one not only passes but has a vital tool for Seminary and ministry.

The Hebrew qualifier is also being taken. Others are submitting final papers and taking other exams. Some will head home for the two-week break and others will stay here. A time of refreshment and relaxation is certainly on the minds of all!

Our prayer is that this time of National Thanksgiving is a blessing for you and those you love. We pray God sends His holy angels to watch over you, our students, and others as they travel. Please remember us in your prayers. Thank you.

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