Upcoming Trips

Admissions counselors from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis will be travelling for recruitment throughout the winter and spring. See the dates and locations below.

  • January 19-25: Rev. Bill Wrede in Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana
  • January 20-23: Rev. Mike Redeker in Missouri
  • January, 26-30: Rev. Daniel Eggold in Southern California and Las Vegas
  • February 1-5: Rev. Mike Redeker in Florida
  • February 2-6: Rev. Daniel Eggold in Washington and Oregon
  • February 15-19: Rev. Mike Redeker in Texas
  • February 16-20: Rev Daniel Eggold in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota
  • February 23-27: Rev. Daniel Eggold in Northern California
  • March 2-6: Rev. Daniel Eggold in Arizona
  • March 23-27: Rev. Mike Redeker in Nebraska

Be on the look out for more dates and information regarding recruitment travel from the Concordia Seminary, St. Louis admissions office. If you are interested in finding out more about CSL, please contact us at (800) 822-9545 or by email at admissions@csl.edu.

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