>Welcome One and All

Summers are always a little quiet around here at Concordia Seminary (except for the summer Greek students, and their victory splash). There is nothing quiet about the campus today, though. 123 new students are becoming oriented to the ways of seminary education. What a sight it is to see all of these faces which will be prepared to serve in the Lord’s church. We especially thank the Lord for giving these students the interest to be here.
These new students will continue with orientation and registration through Friday, but there is some real fun planned for Saturday . Saturday is Field Day. This day has always been a good opportunity to play a few games, and build some new friendships ( and strengthen old ones) before the school year begins. The day will be filled with softball, football, firetrucks, and BBQ. Finally, on Sunday, the campus community begins its 171st year with the opening worship service at 4pm. You are welcome to join us at this service to begin the year with the Word of the Lord.

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